Girls Fashion Pictures


Girls Fashion Pictures

girls fashion pictures


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girls fashion pictures – Sophie Outdoor

Sophie Outdoor Fashion Doll
Sophie Outdoor Fashion Doll
Get ready for fashion-filled fun and adventure with the Sophie Outdoor Fashion Doll from Liv. Sophie, the creative stylist, is ready to go with her trendy outfit, ample personalized accessories, removable hair, and fully articulated body. One in a series of five Liv characters, each with her own distinct personality, style, and look, Sophie will inspire kids aged 5 years and up with a world of real interests, dreams, and friendship.
LIV Logo
Sophie Outdoor Fashion Doll

Ages: 5 years and up

What We Think

Fun factor: 4 starts
Durability: 5 starts
Ease of assembly: 5 starts
Educational factor: 3 starts
Novelty factor: 4 starts

The Good: Fully articulated body and pretty, switchable wig

The Challenging: Web browsers need updated Adobe Flash Player to use Web code at LivWorld online

In a Nutshell: A fabulously unique doll with plenty of personality, versatility, and trendy accessories

LIV callout

Sophie’s paitings and hairstyles are inspired by majestic mountains and natural elements. View larger.
Play Dress Up with this Stylish, Fully Poseable Doll
All five characters in the Outdoor Fashion Doll series are designed with stunning, realistic eyes, and fully articulated bodies that move in 14 places–from the neck and shoulders down to the wrists and ankles. The easy-to-pose dolls make dress up and playtime effortless and fun.
The outfits and accessories included in this set are incredibly detailed and expertly constructed, including the soft and gorgeous removable wig, which makes brushing, styling, and cleaning a breeze. The hair is artfully woven onto a flexible cap that secures with the aid of a built-in peg, so removing and replacing the wig is simple. Switch out wigs, clothes, earrings, purses, pets, and more by collecting other Liv dolls or Liv doll fashion sets.
Meet Sophie, the Creative Stylist
LIV Sophie Sophie is the budding hairstylist and creative artist among her group of BFFs. Though slightly out of her element in the great outdoors, Sophie’s looking forward to collecting some wildflowers to weave into her friends’ locks. This long-locked blonde with bright blue eyes is outfitted in a long-sleeved lavender top, denim skirt, blue leggings, pink flower earrings, and UGG-styled boots. She completes her sweet outdoor look with a cozy vest and a striped ear-flap beanie.
After painting a masterpiece of her friends against a majestic mountain background, Sophie turns to her hairstyling tools–a brush, hairdryer, scissors, colorful pink and purple beads, and hair accessory bag. With Sophie around, this chic group of best friends will always look top-notch, whether they’re at school, home, or in the wilderness.
Visit for Expanded, Online Play
With, your child will have another level of interactive play. Visit the Web site and enter the special Web code that comes with the doll, and you’ll have access to her daily diaries, “webisodes,” games, and virtual closet. To use the Web code and access the additional media, your internet browser will need the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player installed.
What’s in the Box
Sophie doll, fashion set, hairdryer, eyeglasses, hairbrush, five beads, accessory bag, earrings, Web code, and wig instruction guide.


The picture was taken in the gym at my university. Girls participate in a beauty contest.

Sb-24 through the umbrella on my left.
Sb-25 via the soft box on the right.

Reddy Ice – Girls Wearing Ice Bag Hats – 2010 Bonnaroo Music Festival Photos – © 2011 David Oppenheimer

Reddy Ice - Girls Wearing Ice Bag Hats - 2010 Bonnaroo Music Festival Photos - © 2011 David Oppenheimer
Reddy Ice – Girls Wearing Ice Bag Hats – © 2011 David Oppenheimer – Performance Impressions Concert Photography
girls fashion pictures

girls fashion pictures

1000 Pin-Up Girls (25th Anniversary Special Edtn)
“Girls, Gags & Giggles” – this was publisher Robert Harrison’s recipe for dishing up the American pin-up to the U.S. male. In the 1950s, his girlie magazines sold by the millions, before becoming icons of pulp and trash culture.These skilfully illustrated girls with their curvaceous forms and inviting lingerie soon overtook America’s national dessert, in terms of popularity, and even developed considerable potential as a cultural export during the 1940s. ‘Never show everything,’ was always the motto. Smiling prettily at the camera, the models exuded just the right amount of sex appeal without seeming too sophisticated or artful. They were the ‘girls next door’ whose wholesome attraction soon made one forget the magazines’ deliberately trashy presentation. Their rosy complexions and innocent allures still titillate even in an age when far more graphic material is the norm. This is for everyone who enjoys pin-ups, push-ups and pulp style!